Raimondo Petit Group is always looking for the best and brightest. If you are looking to launch or further your career in accounting, consider RPG and the limitless opportunities it offers to:

LEARN: In addition to outstanding training, RPG provides the opportunity to work closely with dynamic recruits and some of the top accounting talent from across the country. Here, young accountants gain more exposure, faster, to all areas of audit, tax and consulting service.

INNOVATE: RPG continually looks for creative new ways to service clients and improve internal processes. As an example, we’ve recently initiated a Professional Development Program designed to fast-track your career.

THRIVE: Becoming part of the RPG team allows you to thrive on both professional and personal levels. Professionally, you’ll work on public and private accounts, work closely with clients and most likely take up a specialty. Personally, you’ll be living in the south bay, home of the best beaches, recreation and entertainment on the West Coast.

SUCCEED: In the same way our size allows us to provide exceptional services for our clients, it also allows us to focus on you and your professional future. You’ll work closely with our clients and we’ll work closely with you, continually growing in tandem.

While our new-hire pay and benefits packages are competitive with the top national firms in our industry, the opportunities with our firm far exceed those of other firms, where recent grads often find they are merely one of a legion of worker bees. With RPG, however, even new team members are exposed to an exceptional depth and breadth of possibilities—right from the start.

Interested? Contact us today, recruiter@rpgcpa.com
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