Closely-held companies encounter numerous obstacles during the various stages of their life cycles—initial capitalization, development, expansion, merger and acquisition, reorganization and business perpetuation. RPG was initially organized to specifically address the business issues facing private companies. We are reorganization and business perpetuation specialists. We possess the unique qualifications required to solve the issues facing majority shareholders and private companies alike.

In addition, RPG teams up with strategic alliance partners to address the consulting needs of our clients. We don’t claim to have the answers to all questions. We do, however, pride ourselves on the ability to bring the right party to the table and, working as a team, provide a solution to the problem at hand.

Business Management
In today’s business world, high income/net worth individuals need sophisticated business management assistance. RPG provides cash management, financial reporting and check writing services to our business management clients. Tax planning and financial consulting services are coordinated with business management expertise to provide our high income/net worth clients with cost-effective assistance. Our clients include individuals from the worlds of business, entertainment and professional sports.

Executive Consulting
We are equipped to provide business executives and their companies with a wide range of executive consulting—everything from long term strategic planning, budgeting, forecasts and projections to executive personnel searches. You let us know what your needs are and we will help you find the solution. Better yet, let us figure out what your needs are and develop the solution.

Succession Planning
Perpetuating a business to the next generation involves a variety of complex issues. We assist our clients by creating a long-term strategy that will provide business owners the most advantageous outcome while minimizing the impact of income taxes.

Mergers & Acquisitions
RPG can assist your company with the process of either being acquired or acquiring another entity. We provide a range of services in this area including tax strategies, forecasts and projections, due diligence procedures, assistance with purchase price allocations, and assistance with accounting for goodwill and other intangibles.

Internal Audit Assistance
Independence or cost issues may prevent your Big Four accountant from performing certain internal audit functions, contract negotiations, compliance analysis, royalty auditing or due diligence procedures in acquisition or sale transactions; our CPA’s will provide the highest quality services at a competitive price.

International Services
The future of most American companies is more and more dependent upon their ability to take advantage of the international market place. Whether it is through import-export, joint ventures or direct investment, access to foreign markets is more important than ever. It’s also riskier and more complex. RPG continues to monitor the United State’s potential adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) and we are poised to assist our clients with this implementation if and when it takes effect. Our CPA’s will guide your company through the complex aspects and financial implications of doing business abroad.

We can assist you with the finance and accounting aspects of negotiating a contract, understanding foreign financial information (sometimes in another language), or establishing a presence in another country. RPG also assists foreign investors in acquiring or establishing businesses in the United States. Additionally, RPG employs the services of a network of trusted foreign contacts to better serve our clients’ international needs.

Litigation Support
Legal challenges are a risk that all companies face in today’s litigious environment. A reliable financial advisor is an invaluable resource in a time of need. Our CPA’s can provide vital support to our clients, their attorneys and their legal teams by providing expert witness, forensic accounting and other litigation support services.
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